Michigan’s Special Needs Online Directory’s marketing revolves around parental / professional word of mouth referrals, outside link generation and search engine optimization.  One of the major components of our success is due to our writers.  We look for those with special needs experience to share their tips, tricks and advice. If you would like to contribute, you can contact us to discuss writing a post that would be hosted on our site.

How this benefits you

If you are a professional, writing for our website will give your business a boost in views with the potential of future clients and sales.  Your articles will give your potential customers a look at you on a personal level as well as a professional level.

The owner of MiSNOD is highly skilled in search engine marketing and social media marketing.  If you own a blog or website, your information will be published along with your article.  Free advertising from a pro!

Second, our large search engine friendly database provides your website with several quality links.  This helps boost your SEO score, which then increases your search engine ranking.

And finally, you will be generously helping families find information about their child / adult with disabilities and the services they need.  That’s a win / win in our book.

How to do this

Please contact us and let us know about you and how you’d like to write about?  Articles can be on just about any topic you choose as long as it is related to special needs. We don’t have any particular word length requirements for articles, but prefer at least 400 words.  Your article will then be submitted to our editor for proofing.  Slight changes may be written in for search engine optimization purposes, but will not change the integrity of the article.

Please include a picture of yourself (or your family) and a short bio about yourself.  This will appear at the bottom of your articles.